Category Overhaul

The Kerbal Space Program categories are undergoing a bit of an overhaul!

We got a lot of feedback about the original categories and we are moving some things around. You may notice a couple new and seemingly out of place categories. No we have not lost our minds, yet. In the next week the top level categories known as "Parts" and "Plugins" will be merged into one category known as "Mods".  None of the current categories will be removed. Parts and Plugins are just going to become one larger category. You may want to re-categorize your mods to fit the new category options. 

The changes include:

  • Miscellaneous can now only be selected if it is the only category a mod fits into
  • Science has it own category now and "Utility and Science" has been renamed to "Utility and Navigation"
  • "Part Packs" is a new category that will remain under the "Mods" category
  • "Bases and Stations" has been added to the "Shareables" category


Please continue giving us feedback either through the comments section below or with the feedback bar to your right.



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