Ion re-size mod ORIGINAL 2000 DOWNLOADS!!!!

ION-Resize is no longer supported! New updates are not to be expected for a while. I have gotten a new PC and I have not yet downloaded KSP. Most of my files I had backed-up on cloud, but my PC files got corrupted. Releases are expected near December. 


a simple but useful mod used for making huge a*s rockets. sizes 2 , 3.25 and 5 meter,s.

uses lots of resources. :D Hope u guys enjoy 

all bugs please msg'd to me or in the desc plz. if you would like to make a mod packk plz msg me. :)


Note new version of the beta release is coming out soon so yeah! 


scale problem: fixed

attach points far away: still de-bugging 

Part changes when in flight (I know it might happen sometimes): coding

Ion effect for people with hot rockets: I have to co-operate with him


I am hiring people.



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