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    Sep 1, 2014
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Supported Game Versions

  • 0.24.2


    Added: Part count information to the Build Engineer.
    Added: Preset system to the Flight Engineer.
    Added: New stock presets:
        - Orbital
        - Surface
        - Vessel
        - Rendezvous

    Added: New readouts to the orbital category:
        - True Anomaly
        - Eccentric Anomaly
        - Mean Anomaly
        - Argument of Periapsis
        - Angle to Prograde
        - Angle to Retrograde

    Added: New readouts to the vessel category:
        - Intake Air (Demand)
        - Intake Air (Supply)
        - Intake Air (Supply/Demand)

    Added: New readouts to the rendezvous category.
        - Semi-major Axis
        - Semi-minor Axis

    Added: Time formatter which can show time as referenced by any celestial body.
    Added: New readouts to the miscellaneous category:
        - Time Reference Adjuster

    Changed: Moved Sim Delay readout into the Miscellaneous category.
    Changed: Updated MiniAVC to v1.0.2.3.
    Fixed: Issues with large value wrap around in the Flight Engineer.
    Fixed: Bug in the phase angle calculation.