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    Jun 25, 2015
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Supported Game Versions

  • 1.0.4


Added: 'Mach Number' readout under the 'Surface' category and included it on the default surface HUD.
Added: Stock sections in the Flight Engineer can now become HUDs.
Added 'Thermal' readouts category including:
Internal Flux
Convection Flux
Radiation Flux
Critical Part Name
Critical Part Temperature
Critical Part Skin Temperature
Critical Part Thermal Percentage of Max Temperature
Hottest Part Name
Hottest Part Temperature
Hottest Part Skin Temperature
Coldest Part Name
Coldest Part Temperature
Coldest Part Skin Temperature

Changed: Mach on the Build Engineer now accurate to 2 decimal places.
Changed: Max mach in the Build Engineer defaults to 1.00 even when no jet engines are present.
Changed: Increased eccentricity readout to 5 decimal places.
Changed: Implemented Sarbian's object pooling.
Changed: The default selected body is now assigned via 'Planitarium.Home'.
Changed: HUDs to clamp fully inside the screen instead of allowing them to run off the edge by a certain amount.
Fixed: Physically insignificant part mass is now associated with the parent part.
Fixed: Longitude and Latitude readouts now use a KER formatter instead of Squad's incorrect implementation.
Fixed: Possible null reference in the Rendezvous Processor.
Fixed: Fairing mass issues introduced with regards to simulation changes.
Fixed: Use of per-propellant fuel flow mode override.
Fixed: Burn times calculated for jet engines.
Fixed: Thrust issues introduced with Sarbian's simulation alterations.
Fixed: Issue where HUDs positioned close to the top/bottom of the screen could be pushed out of position.