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Changelog, 2016-12-03, KSP 1.2.1 #1604
Fixed: Compile errors caused due to game update.
Fixed: Asset bundle errors due to engine update.
Fixed: Part info overlay no longer visible when hovering over part selection panel.
Fixed: Clamp360 now returns [0, 360]. (Pad)
Fixed: Possible NRE when "Back to target selection" sets the target to null. (Pad)
Fixed: Clamp value passed to Acos function within the impact processor to avoid potential NaN. (Pad)
Fixed: Use inverseStage of tank for stage priority flow instead of decoupled stage count. (Pad)
Changed: True Anomaly to be displayed in degrees rather than radians. (was changed in stock 1.1.x) (Pad)
Changed: Typos in the post-burn apo/peri readout descriptions. (Pad)
Changed: Added missing space before the 'W' in the target longitude readout formatting. (Pad)
Changed: Simulation and logging to produces less GC. (Pad)
Changed: Tweaked impact processor calculations. (Pad)
Added: Target Latitude & Longitude readouts to the rendezvous section. (Pad)
Added: Extra readout help strings. (rkagerer)
Added: Planes and Relays to the target selector readout. (Pad)
Added: Post-burn orbital period and inclination readouts. (Pad)
Added: Support for balance and priority flow modes. (Pad)
Added: Custom keybinding of the part info show/hide functionality.