Kerbalow Aerospace Inflatable / Expandables Parts Pack

Kerbalow Aerospace's inflatable / expandable parts pack

(Formerly KA-330 and KEAM)


KA-330 features:

The KA-330 is an inflatable space habitat
Crew capacity of 3

One unique science experiment
Sun-tracking solar panels
Functioning expanding radiators
Functioning lights
IVA interior cut-out view
Fully furnished interior when using Near-Future Props
Tweakscale compatibility
Connected Living Space compatibility
Kerbal Inventory / Attachment System compatibilty
With USI Life Support: Acts as a functioning habitat
With Snacks: Stores snacks / soil
With Keep-Fit: Is a "COMFY" room
With TACLS: Contains standard life support resources
Flat ends for universal 1.25 meter part attachment


KEAM Features:

4x Unique Science Experiments

Inflatable module for one Kerbal

2x grapple points for robotic / magnetic arms

Kerbal Inventory System Storage Space Compatibility

Connected Living Space Compatibility

Tweakscale Compatibility


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