KSP Imperial Star Destroyer

The Grand Kerbin Empire Invades!

As seen on Reddit and KSP's Facebook!

Hooptie J Brings you: 

The Kerbal Imperial Kerbol Destroyer!

340t+ at takeoff.

15k fuel. 19k oxy.

Main engines are the new 3x3.75 nasa engines. Atmo engines are the 8x B9 turbines.

Has a HUGE takeoff sled of wheels for the runway , (jettisoned as soon as there is air under the wheels)

SSTO no problem. - Eve? after taking on fuel - no prob.

Needed Mods:

B9 aerospace

Procedural wings


TTs Modular Multiwheels


and KAX

Takeoff Instructions:

toggle Action group 1 - Atmospheric engines, full throttle

SPACEBAR- Stage 1 - takeoff run engines

run out the runway, SPACEBAR again to jettison the wheel carrage as soon as you clear the end.

Once airborne- full throttle atmo engines, crank it to a 20-25 degree climb till 13-14k

above 10k, Action group 2- fires the Main engines. and activate the RCS(it will nose up otherwise)

the main engines are PURPOSELY throttled all the way down

raise the throttle limiter on the center engine slowly to about 35% and continue climbing to orbit.


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