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    Oct 9, 2014
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  • 0.25


- New interplanetary transfer with porkchop plots
- Add EQ DN and EQ AN to Apoapsis maneuver
- Add "Downrange distance" info item to flight recorder
- Ascent autopilot option to limit the angle of attack
- Maneuver to change the surface longitude the vessel will be over after one orbit
- Added Force Roll option to Ascent AP
- Add more options to SmartASS Surface Mode
- Support for external gimbal extension (see Sarbian's signature for KM_Gimbal support)
- Handles engines with spool time better
- UI rescale setting
- Added a button in KSP stock AppLauncher. See settings to hide the menu handle
- Import landing site from KerbTown/Kerbal-Konstructs and RSS.
- Import Landing sites and Runways from users built files (see
- Don't reenable SmartASS after another autopilot finishes (and an option to disable it in the windows editor Misc category)
- In flight lock of some control while the mouse is over MJ windows
- Replace the arrow selector of some menu with a drop down. Those who don't like it can deactivate it in MJ2 Settings
- Various improvement to engine and gimbal torque information and use
- Various fix
Thanks to those who submited patch for this release : BloodyRain2k, Meumeu, sanedragon, Wetmelon, xytovl