The Mk1-Cabin-Hatch add a stockalike hatch to the stock Mk1 crew cabin's roof from witch you can go and come in EVA,
the option is toggleable in the editor via the part's right-click menu "add top hatch" and has its own lights ( set to the lights action group by default).
fully compatible with a running career and allow to be uninstalled without braking your crafts.
It sets "noAutoEVAMulti = False" to allow the kerbal to go in EVA from a ship with more than 1 part(!).

This part reuse the stock textures to save your RAM, those included are fake of 4x4 pixels.

You have to install the mod "Module Manager" to make this mod works properly (not included with this download, check the link below).

It use the "KSP Add-on Version Checker" mod if you have it installed (not included in this download) to check its version by using a connexion on my github page given below, read the "KSP Add-on Version Checker" page for more details.

Dependancy mods:

  • Module Manager ( not included)


  • be sure to have Module Manager installed
  • Copy/paste the folder MK1CabinHatch in your "Kerbal Space Program\GameData" directory.
  • On update remove any existing older version.
  • Enjoy!

Forum page:


Module Manager:

KSP Add-on Version Checker:


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