Mk3 Hypersonic Systems

Kerbal Engineers at N5 Aerodynamics and Space found the lack of sleeker and more diverse components for  Mk3 spaceplanes disturbing, so they set out to remedy just that! This mod adds a few parts geared toward making Mk3 SSTOs more aerodynamic and look cooler!



Includes reworked textures and models, plus four brand new parts, redone IVA, and new particle effects!


Parts included are:

1. Mk3 Hypersonic Cockpit - A stylish command pod that fits five kerbals with a much pointier shape for less drag

2. Mk3 radial attachment fuselage extensions - This essentially turns the Mk3 fuselage into a lifting body, much like the Mk2. Three parts fall into this category: A wing edge root extension, a lifting body extension and a RAM intake.

3. Hybrid high-bypass turbofan/ramjet 2.5m engine - Much like Mk2 spaceplanes use the 1.25 jet-engines, it seems only natural that Mk3 spaceplanes could rely on proportionally large jet engines. This engine is just that.

4. A 2.5m shock cone intake. Following the same logic, 2.5m intakes are needed for larger spaceplanes.

5. A 2.5 switchable LF/LFO 10m long tank - There's plenty of 2.5m tanks, but this one allows for fuel selection, very useful for spaceplanes.

6. Radial attachment scramjet engine - This is a rather large scramjet with its own intake. Like real life scramjets it will not produce thrust until it's going at high speeds.

7. Mk3 Hypersonic Drone Core. A sleek drone core designed for super high speeds

8. Mk3 Hybrid high-bypass turbofan/ramjet. A larger version of the size 2 engine with moar thrust.

9. Mk3 Ram Intake. A big jet engine is gooing to need lots of air.

10. Mk3 Aerospike rocket. Because this parts pack is geared toward making spaceplanes, it makes sense to have a rocket engine suitable for the purpose.


Note: IVA is a provisional stand-in, it will be revamped in future updates along with more stuff!


Note 2: This mod includes Module Manager by sarabian, CrossFeedEnabler by NathanKell, the Firespitter plugin by Snjo, and RPM by MOARdv. CrossFeedEnabler is not absolutely essential, but the radial attachment parts include fuel, so without CrossFeedEnabler, the fuel would just be dead weight.


Note 3: Two example crafts are included, both are shown in the video below


Promo video:



Special thanks to pandoraskitten for beta testing, to nli2work for his awsome video tutorials and to a whole lot of people in the Facebook groups for feedback!


Please message me in the forums with any issues! 


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