Othrys Planet Pack

A lot of players eventually get bored of the stock Kerbol system and want more planets. However, some new planets might not work, or the planet pack they are in is really buggy. The Othrys Planet Pack is being developed to be a planet pack that adds in many new celestial bodies with unique characteristics all across the system. Using KopernicusTech (and, eventually, standard Kopernicus), the Othrys Planet Pack is mostly glitch-free and opens doors to weird, amazing, and very new frontiers in your KSP game.


The New Celestial Objects (In Order They Come From Kerbol/The Sun)

  • REA (Pronounced REE-AH): A near Kerbin twin that wasn't discovered until the age of Kerbolar space probes because it orbits on the other side of the Sun.
    • VESTA: Rea's largest moon. It is around the size of Dres, but looks (and smells) like it bathed in citrus juice. For some reason, it has higher gravity than Mun. What is Vesta REALLY made of?
  • OTHRYS (Pronounced OH-THRIS)A creepy-looking, blood-red gas giant with a small ring and a huge yellow cyclone. Othrys also has lots of moons.
    • KRIOS: Also known as "Blue Moon", Krios is made of an undiscovered element that reacts with the huge radiation outputs from Othrys. This turns the moon a vibrant, neon blue.
    • KOIOS: The dramatic opposite of Krios, which is orange-white with lots of impact basins instead of being neon blue with lots of mountains.
    • LETO (Pronounced LEE-TO): A very thick atmosphere traps in most heat Leto gets from Kerbol, making it the perfect temperature for life. In fact, the moon is covered with thousands of purple bacteria, making Leto a deep violet color.
  • ANTHE: The most distant planet around Kerbol, Anthe is a world with huge polar ice caps and methane seas. Instead of freezing over, an area around Anthe's equator hosts the oceans and continents due to tidal heating from its binary companion Pallene.
    • PALLENE: Anthe's only moon (as of now), Pallene forms a binary system with the weird planet. Pallene also enables its parent planet to host oceans and continents via tidal heating.


    • More moons for Othrys, Anthe, and Rea.
    • Binary planets.
    • An asteroid belt filled with weird minor planets.
    • Even MOAR PLANETS!!!
    • Versions for KSP 1.0.5+.

Stay tuned! The Othrys Planet Pack is a HUGE work in progress, so expect frequent updates and new celestial bodies. If you encounter any bugs or glitches, please report them in the comments section so I can take notice and fix them in a later update.


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