Panavia Tornado GR1 (entirely stock)

At first, I had made it using tweak scale, but I decided I would find a way to make it work without tweak scale, and sure enough, it works like a dream. If I have any recommendations for flying, I would turn OFF SAS, rather than fly with it. It handles really well. if you want extreme aerobatic turning (fighter evasion style) use the air brakes when turning. There are action groups, and I honestly can't remember what they do. So overall it is a reliable craft. If you so wish, you can go install BD armory and strap some bombs and rocket pods to it, just to add the whole "Warplane" vibe.  


Craft no longer is as nimble as it was, the recent update to the updated flight model is to blame for this, I have tried many different things, but none have made it any better to fly. So basically it is no longer the agile beast it used to be.


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