Pelican V2


This is the Pelican, a jet amphibious aircraft.

No mods required.


This is an improved and simplified version of my previous mod


It has not been made to reach supersonic speed.

It can be seen as an up to date version of the mythic Consolidated PBY Catalina.



Landing :


Easy to use with a strong structure.

You can land on water at speed over 80 m/s.

However, you can easily land on water at speed under 40 m/s.



Take off :


In the water, the take off speed is between 35 and 40 m/s.

The winglets behave like hydrofoils in the water.

Be sure to be completely stopped before trying to take off from the water.

Otherwise, the SAS could behave oddly and make you spin.

Take off procedure :

 - Be sure to be completely stopped

 - Activate SAS

 - Engine power to maximum

 - Let the speed and the hydrofoils pull the nose of the Pelican out of the water.

 - Then, take off when you reach 40 m/s.



Caracteristics :


 - Parts : 55

 - Cost : 21814

 - Mass (empty) : 7 T

 - Mass (full) : 13.7 T

 - Flight time : 1h 34m 23s (at sea level)

 - Top speed at sea lvl : 220 m/s

 - Cruising speed : 120 m/s at 10000 m

 - Fuel : 1320 units (internal)

 - Thrust : 120 KN

 - ISP : 10500 s


Any comments apreciated.

Thank you.


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