Pure Flying Wing

I had the "Horten Ho 229" in mind when I was trying to make a flying wing without vertical stabilisators.

Then I have decided to make an up to date version of what could have been the "Horten Ho 229" nowadays, including stealth needs.
That's why for exemple intakes are on the top, like the "Northrop B-2 Spirit".


The yaw control was very difficult without a vertical stabilisator so, I used a "F119 Turbofan Engine" with a 90° rotation.

The plane is very stable, and can fly at a very low speed ( < 20 m/s ) and is a very good glider.


Controls :

Flaps : press " 1 " to toggle airbrakes


Specifications :

18 parts

Maximum fuel capacity : 1060 units

Empty weight : 6.34 T

Loaded weight : 11.64 T


Performance :

Maximum speed : 940 m/s at 21 Km

Maximum altitude : around 40 Km
Combat radius : well, you can probably go twice around kerbin ;)


Mods needed : B9 Aerospace 5.2.7


Update herehttp://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/pure-flying-wing-stock-parts-for-ksp-1-0-5


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