SDHI Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights

Small surface-mounted or stack-attached rotating warning lights in various colors. 100% Plugin Free.

How To Install

  1. Remove any previous version of the SDHI Strobe-O-Matic add-on
  2. Download
  3. Extract the .ZIP archive and copy the GameData folder provided into your KSP root directory

The parts should then be located under the SDHI/Strobe-O-Matic folder


  • Lights can be surface-mounted to any surface
  • Switch the lights on and off by using the part's right-click context menu in the flight scene, or toggling the Lights Action Group

Uninstallation Instructions

Remove the SDHI folder and all its contents from the GameData folder.
If you have other SDHI part packs you wish to keep, just remove the Strobe-O-Matic subfolder.

Need Help?

Please read the FAQ in the official announcements thread on the Kerbal Space Program forums first, as it addresses common issues and their solutions/explanations.

If your issue isn't covered by the FAQ, post your bug reports and support requests in that thread, providing as much information as possible (error logs, screenshots etc.). Optionally, you may also submit a ticket on GitHub.

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